The concept of creativity coaching is similar to that of life coaching, with a strong focus on exploring and developing your creative talents. People who would benefit from working with a creativity coach are creative souls who are feeling unfulfilled, and typically have a very strong passion for artistic expression. This urge to create may come in the form of singing, gardening, cooking, photography, painting, writing, dancing, acting, composing, performing musically, and a host of many other meaningful, creative experiences.

Perhaps you are feeling blocked or stymied on your creative path or maybe you are at the beginning of a project and feel overwhelmed or are uncertain how to begin. It is also possible that you have already reached some (or even many) of your creative goals, and are now unsure about what comes next.

Simply put – anyone who wants to get their “creative mojo” back can benefit greatly from working and playing with a creativity coach. Your creativity coach will show you how to determine the specific reasons for your feelings of dissatisfaction or disappointment. This will enable you to open up and look forward with a clear vision of your creative future. Your coach will then support you as you push through those obstacles that are currently preventing you from realizing your creative ambitions, leading you toward living life your way!

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Is Creativity Coaching the Same as Psychotherapy?

While it is true that creativity coaching definitely involves a “big picture approach,” the main focus of creativity coaching sessions is on helping clients make life choices that allow them to achieve their creative dreams. So many of us are overscheduled and busier than ever before. Many people find themselves feeling overworked, overstressed and pressured to achieve goals that may not leave much time for those activities that really make them happy.

While working with a creativity coach, you will be able to talk about things that are troubling you in life – including concerns about your career, psychological barriers, problems in your relationship, and any other seemingly insurmountable challenges that are preventing you from reaching goals in your creative arena. Your creativity coach will help you learn how to work more productively in all areas of your life. By working more productively and looking at the big picture, you will be better equipped to jump the hurdles that are preventing you from turning your ideas into real creative projects that will fulfill and satisfy your creative mind.

Everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life. Without engaging in those activities that fulfill your creative desires, you simply would not be living life to the fullest. If you are feeling unaccomplished in achieving your creative goals, a creativity coach can help you develop your talents and find time to participate in the activities that make you feel satisfied and alive. Many creative minds are periodically blocked by fear, doubt or worry. Creativity coaching can help you get unblocked so that you can get back to doing what you love most.

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