PushPins: We are in development of a 6'4" x 4' PushPin Sculpture for Shane Moore. Intended delivery is June 2016. 

Confluence Security Group Rebranding: We are providing complete rebranding services for Confluence, a Texas and DC based firm specializing in high level security. Logo, website, promotional material, and presentations are all being developed for the group. 

Owner Designed Logo:

Jacob Breeden Designed Logo:


Burning Man Build 2016: We are part of a 10 person team building the Axolote Bus for this year's Burning Man. We are designing and building the fire shooting gill structures. 

Burning Man Build 2015: We received grant funding in 2015 to build Twisted Bristles. Two 30 foot tall toilet bowl brushes made with LED light and Acrylic were put up in the deepest part of the playa to mark the bathrooms. 

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