Feels good.

It just feels good.

I am a huge fan of that line of reasoning. It's a fine reason to do all sorts of things.

It's why I build things. I've been reminded several times lately that I need to -no...have to sculpt. I make things. It's what drove me into art in the first place. The first time I poured motlen bronze into a mold I was hooked. I changed my major from graphic design to sculpture and have never looked back.

It feels good to make things. It feels good to know that some of your blood, sweat and tears are in every pieces that leaves the studio.

Every year I go through what my wife calls my "winter funk". I have had the problem for years now and have never really been able to pinpoint a cause. I think I have.

When it gets cold and dreary outside - I don't go into my shop as often. I use lots of excuses to stay inside where it's warm. I avoid doing the hard work of sculpting because it feels good to stay inside.

I realize now that I am sacrificing my longterm happniess for a momentary sensation of warmth and comfort. It's the same concept as having a day job. Sure its nice to have benefits and a paycheck - but if you ever get too comfortable in that safety net - your days as an artist are at risk of being over.

I am committed this year to making my artwork happen. I committed to being the artist I know I can be. I committed to paying more attention to my tendencies towards comfort and safety and being damn sure those tendencies are not making me lazy.

Going to make more art this year then ever before. That feels good.

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