Back to the Playa

So.... amongst all the other excitement of the last few weeks... This happened yesterday. It's official. The crazy hard to get tickets have been procured. Much thanks to a damn fine friend (who knows who he is) for helping facilitate another journey into the dust.

I have to say, going with the amazing Rhoda Gwyn Breeden to Glastonbury in Europe, followed a few months later by a return trip to Burning Man, is one of the most epic set of plans a boy could make.

I love this world of Art. And I love that I have the support and encouragement of an incredible woman when it comes to exploring it more fully. And that I have friends willing to take these journeys with me.

What may seem like simply a party to many is much more than that to me. In these places where people truly come together to celebrate creative output, to let themselves be fully who they are, lies the core reason I am obsessed with Art. Art is about exploration and discovery. It is about digging into the wild parts of your mind and shoveling out the madness that matters. And when this happens to a large number of humans in the same place at the same time you can see humanity for what it can potentially become. It's never perfect. If it was, it would be hollow and awful. It's chaos is part of its beauty.

Onward into the fray, my loves. It's wonderfully absurd out there.

PS - The party part is pretty good, too...

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