It's not about Objects


"Art" is a concept often misunderstood as "object". There are objects involved - sometimes. They represent the lowercase "a" of Art. As in, this is a piece of "art". 

Art as a practice is more like Science.

Art is about exploration and discovery. It's about experimentation and practice.

Art is about telling the story of these explorations and experiments to an audience. 

Art is a broad term encompassing all aspects of creative invention. Visual art, music, performance, film, dance, writing, poetry, song... They all fall into the broad landscape called Art. 

Cheers to all the explorers, the story tellers, the music makers, the dancers, the makers of things and the keepers of the traditions we all hold dear. 

You are the last defense against the hollowing out of the human brain through junk consumption of empty media. 

The world is coming around to see the value in true creative work. Someday we may even find our crafts taught again as valid options for young people looking to carve their way through the education system. 

Until then, keep on doing what you do. People see it and it works on them. Sometimes very slowly, but it does work. The best changes are the kind that happen persistently over time. The kind that slip past the gate unhindered by authorities too busy paying attention to their own reflections to notice. One day they wake up and change has come about right under their noses. And it's too late to stop it. 

Happy day to you, friends. Let's go exploring...

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