Worse Every Day

It gets worse and worse everyday. Name calling, shit talking, condemnation, animosity... 

Have you ever stopped to think who actually benefits from dividing a group of people in half? A people divided are a people easily distracted. Easily distracted people are easy to control and manipulate. 

Politics is nonsense at the national level. Even at the state level it is nothing more than a show. Beyond the local level, none of us make much of a difference. And at the local level, where you could actually make a difference, almost no one pays attention or gives a shit. But I digress. 

The next time you find yourself "engaging" in some form of political debate, remember that the politician you are attacking or defending gives no shits about you, your opinion, or your value in this world as a human. You are simply a form of energy in the machine they require to maintain their wealth and power. 

The person you are "debating", however, likely does care about you. Or at least has the potential to. They might actually lend you a hand if you needed it. They might join you for a meal or a drink. They might play some ACUTAL role in your life if you allowed them to. 

Elections will happen. People will disagree with each other. Facts will still be facts. How much attention you pay to the pompous, self-aggrandizing bullshit, is up to you. 

The real benefit to having real conversations with real people is that you meet on the level ground of being human. Name calling psuedo-friends and strangers over manufactured outrage about hollowed performers called "politicians" serves only to make you look like an asshole and grants these frauds the ability to fuck up your day. 

Have lunch with someone you love today. Talk to them about your day. Ask them about theirs. Listen to a real human talk about real human things. See if it makes you feel better than you do after you type-shout about politics with people who don't actually exist... 

Or don't. It's a free country. 

But I will promise you this... These "emperors" wear no clothes. The sooner we can all see that, the faster we can get back to being awesome. Being awesome sure sounds like more fun than being pissed off all the damn time.

Have a beautiful Friday sweet people.

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