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Creativity is my passion. I have spent the last 15 years developing a set of systems and processes to generate creativity on demand. Whether you are looking to write that first big novel, dive into art making, train your workforce in creative problem solving, entertain and engage your conference attendees, develop tools to utilize creative play with your family, or just need some advice to get past the myth of creative block, I have a program that will suit your needs. 

Half-Day Creativity Workshop 2.24.2018

6 Hours Saturday, February 24th from 9:30am to 4:00pm 

I have 30 openings for this workshop! The workshops will cover a variety of topics developed over my last decade of keynote speeches and training seminars. The main points of focus in this intensive workshop will include:

  • There is No Box – Overcoming Mythical Thinking
  • Embracing the “Process”
  • Overcoming Consumptive Thinking in the Arts
  • Game Storming, Visual Thinking, and Other Ways to Make Idea Generation Fun!
  • Staring Out the Window – The True Benefits of Daydreaming
  • Why Don't We Play Anymore? (and why we should)
  • Failing Fast (and why you must fail to learn)
  • Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it
  • There's No Such Thing As Writer's Block

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Full Day One on One Intensive Creativity Coaching and Consulting
350.00 499.00

I have only limited number of openings for this Training Program! The program is an intense daylong session designed to serve your very specific goals and your true creative self. We will work together to develop the specific elements prior to our unique training session. My system is designed to give you the tools you need to overcome our nearly universal fears of pushing past our mental and physical barriers to truly innovative approaches to growth in our personal and professional lives. You will walk away from this program with a personalized plan of action to reach your full creative potential! While each training is personalized, several areas where creative thinking is a powerful tool will be included:

  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting/Attainment
  • Personal Expression (writing, art making, music, performance, and more!)
  • Personal Narrative
  • Innovation Mindset
  • Overcoming the Fear of a Blank Page
  • The Process of Creativity Applied

Once you have signed up for the service I will contact you within 48 hours to setup our preliminary meeting. I look forward to working with you!

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I have delivered speeches and workshops at hundreds of events in my career as a professional creative to audiences ranging from dozens to thousands! 

I have developed a series of keynotes and presentations revolving around the concept that we are all creative people. It is our training that has convinced us otherwise. My primary keynote, "There is No Box" dives into the mythology we maintain about creativity and dismantles the idea that creativity is a form of magic. It's not's work! 

My conference talks are informative, interactive,  and entertaining. I will provide your audience with a set of tools that will allow them to push their creativity beyond any limitations they may currently believe that they have! 

My workshops are intense interactive experiences. I create personalized workshops for each group I work with. Through a combination of education and interaction I can give you, your team, or your family a new way to approach creativity.

For more information about my public speaking program or for a list of references, click the Learn More button below!

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